Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weighty Thoughts. Rely on a Higher Power...even for this.

We all have those days when all our demons come out at once and want to unleash hell on our defenses. Some of us have week and months of those days.  It isn't just about food. It is about everything in life. There are voices that tell you that you will never succeed. They tell you what you failed at in the past. They tell you that you're not worthy of anything more than what you are.  I am here to tell you that the voices that tell you that you are "less than" are not the voices that want anything for you but misery. They want you to be miserable because they are miserable. They don't want you to ever reach your highest potential...because they never reached theirs.

Kiss me for saying this. Nobody ever got to a happy ending without going through hell first. If they did, there isn't much of a story to be told. Speaking from ongoing personal experience, listen to the people who believe in you. Listen to the people who see you as a fighter. You'll have bad days. We all have them. Allow yourself to feel pain, but don't let it take over your life. How? How do you not let it take over? When you're in pain how can you see out of it? 

 The only answer I've ever found worth sharing, is God. First rule of over-eaters anonymous: Thou shalt not fool thyself.  Food addiction is real. It is as real as alcohol addiction or drug addiction...but I don't need anything special to pick up a twinkie at the corner market (or 10...). Why is it okay to rely on God for help with a new job or to get us through a death in the family and not rely on Him for something deep and personal like addiction? Part of me says, "I can handle this. I don't need to bother Him about this trivial stuff."  The thing is...if it is a struggle, then it isn't trivial. It matters.  You matter. You and I both need to reach down into our guts and realize that though this addiction is big...God is bigger. I never have felt guilty turning to God for support or comfort. Is the battle going to be easy? Nope. Is it going to be worth it? Daggumit...Yes! Keep moving. Onward and upward darlings!

Always My Very Best,
Your Friend Chef Tess

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